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“Quality Management”

  • philosophie
    Quality is created by people

BESTSELLER Quality above and beyond standardization

Quality Criteria

What are the criteria that your customers perceive?

Customer Perceptions

The priority of criteria in the customer's view - not the agent's - is crucial.


During process optimization, BESTSELLER sets benchmarks. And changes them.

Performance Indicators

Performance Indicators are important. The customer doesn't care about them.

Only results count!

Our TeleSales professionals take care of the complete sales process, from the initial contact to closing the sale by phone, as well as proactively taking care of presently neglected clients.

A typical BESTSELLER Quality Management consists of these steps:




Evaluating the Results


Putting insights in perspective and aligning them for and by practice

A law in sales says:

“The customer couldn't care less about internal performance indicators.”

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