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Our TeleSales professionals take care of the complete sales process, from the initial contact to closing the sale by phone, as well as proactively taking care of presently neglected clients.

Our Services

Our modular portfolio of services

Data Management

A meaningful and up-to-date database is the foundation of any successful sales and marketing activity. We help you to create and optimize a qualified database.

Generating Leads

After having analyzed your target market and your marketing and sales tools, we will develop a customized sales concept for each of our clients. Together we will conceive a strategy on how to address new target groups or positions to place new products. This will comprise not only a procedure for opening the conversation and a conversation guideline, but also a target group-specific benefit analysis and objection handling. Our TeleSellers understand your customers and have a potential-oriented marketing concept.

Making appointments

By working closely with BESTSELLER's TeleSales professionals, your sales force will become more efficient. Using our CRM system, we achieve potential-oriented interactions with your target customers: A sales representative will only travel to have an appointment if it actually makes sense, thereby optimizing the use of sales resources.


We speak of TeleSales because we not only sell specific products, but also and always the vision of working together with your company. Our TeleSales professionals will take care of various tasks in your sales process: from making the initial contact to developing / nurturing leads to setting up an appointment or closing the sale by phone, as well as proactive care for existing customers.

The BESTSELLER road to success

As sales professionals, we achieve the following goals through motivation and emotional appeal:

Our clients’ top priorities

higher contribution margin
more revenue
more project quotations
a higher number of meaningful appointments
Better data quality
More awareness among potential clients
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