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BESTSELLER will find you - the BEST employees for your organizational unit!

In Search of Colleagues

Highly motivated and engaged employees are the key to success. We will find them for you.

Call Center Agents Have a Profile

There is a number of special requirements for working on the phone. We will find the right employee for you.

Recruitment via Advertising

The traditional path for recruiting new staff members. We, too, will follow it.

Direct Search

A direct search is another option to fill vacancies.

Only results count!

Our TeleSales professionals take care of the complete sales process, from the initial contact to closing the sale by phone, as well as proactively taking care of presently neglected clients.

What will be covered by a typical BESTSELLER Recruitment?


Analysis of organizational unit to be staffed





A law in sales says:

“A good man is always worth his salary”

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