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“There is poetry in numbers”

Susanne Kreiss |

A law in sales says: Only what is measured will actually be done!

We will only tackle a project after having thoroughly prepared for it.

We will work with you to develop the best strategy for acquiring new customers and projects.

We will assess the results together with you, based on the agreed parameters (KPI).

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CV Susanne Kreiss

Since 2003 Managing Partner & Founder of BESTSELLER GmbH

1992 to 2002 SELLBYTEL Telefon und Direktmarketing GmbH in Nürnberg. Establishing, developing and managing the departments Training and Consulting. Establishing over 40 TeleSales departments. Recruiting over 3000 TeleSellers.

1988 to 1992 Sales Manager TeleSales, DELL Computer Deutschland GmbH, Langen.

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