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“Being a sales professional is the best job in the world!”

Our Management Team

Klaus Gumpp|

Sales is not a rocket science.

Through a consistent and transparent approach, our BESTSELLER TeleSales professionals create sustainable sales success and achieve a tangibly measurable ROI.

Susanne Kreiss|

A law in sales says: Only what is measured will actually be done!

We will only tackle a project after having thoroughly prepared for it

We will work with you to develop the best strategy for acquiring new customers and projects.

We will assess the results together with you, based on the agreed parameters (KPI).

Experience. Competence. Creativity.

Sales services with guaranteed success - that is our ambition!

BESTSELLER's management team consists of industry professionals with many years of experience and a proven track record.

We are characterized by commitment, flexibility and our uncompromising will to succeed. Our actions are determined by the best possible balance between the pursuit of success, client orientation, and cost effectiveness.

We work with our TeleSales professionals trustfully and respectfully, und we strive to provide an encouraging and team-oriented work environment.

Professional acquisition of new customers:

In the past, our staff have performed TeleSales tasks for companies like Siemens, Apple, Microsoft, BMW and Hilti - but also for many less well-known companies, whose names are only familiar to experts.

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