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“Be different. Be consistent. Be better.”

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    The best Job in the World

What makes BESTSELLER so special?

Sales services with guaranteed success - that is our ambition!

Anybody can make a phone call.

In contrast, we are committed and experienced sales professionals with focused training, whose passion is to sell by phone products and services that require detailed explaining.

For us, Customer Relationship Management not only means to maintain your customer data, but also to effectively manage your customer relations and to actively approach your existing and potential customers.

Moreover, we strive to be your reliable, pragmatic and cost-conscious partner. Therefore, BESTSELLER has implemented intelligent, self-learning internal processes, since no sales operation is so perfect that it cannot be made a little better, faster or more efficient every day.

For our “BEST-SELLERs”, sales is the best job in the world.

Professional acquisition of new customers

In the past, our staff have performed TeleSales tasks for companies like Siemens, Apple, Microsoft, BMW and Hilti - but also for many less well-known companies, whose names are only familiar to experts.

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“Approaching decision makers in an emotionally engaging way is key, because human beings do business with other human beings, not with companies.”

BESTSELLER: Personal. Sustainable. Transparent.

Only results count!

Our TeleSales professionals take care of the complete sales process, from the initial contact to closing the sale by phone, as well as proactively taking care of presently neglected clients.

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